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Second phase of Isis. Anonymous track, occupy, block and interrupt the account of ISIS recruiters. Thousands twitter profiles stopped and reported to belong to the jihadist network

di ARTURO DI CORINTO e Flavia Marzano per La Repubblica del 8 Febbraio 2015

Thousands of Twitter accounts stopped and canceled. Hundreds of facebook profiles unveiled. Dozens and dozens of addresses of the jihadist propaganda listed and ready to be attacked. This is the second phase of #OpISIs, the Anonymous intervention to expose members of the galaxy of Islamic fundamentalism which is acting under the Cybercaliphate flags.

There is some news: for the first time Anon claiming the action as a set of people of all races, creed and religion, rich and poor, students and workers, hackers, crackers, spies and government officers. All united in the effort to undermine the jihadist propaganda. In the 3-minute video posted on Youtube the Anon claim and confirm that their actions will not give respite to the followers of the caliphate.

This time, even if it was addressed to identify and affect sites of jihadist propaganda, the operation has a very specific target: recruiters, those who through the social networks try to attract supporters of the Islamic state to holy war.

Many Isis accounts “suspended” by activists with the face of the english 15th century revolutionary, Guy Fawkes, clearly belong to the cause having ISIS in the account name, while others would be of unsuspected preachers and activists pro-Islam.

The long list, constantly updated by the finickly work of The Red Cult group, points out social network profiles (having up to half a million followers) to be followed and blocked. Most of these sites are currently down.

The Red Cult, however, did not limit themselves to social networks, they also published a list of email addresses of twitter and facebook accounts and of sites assumed to belong to the Islamic state supporters. Moreover for the first time VPN addresses (ie virtual private networks that enable secure and unmonitored communication) were disclosed. This might be also the source of much information concerning identified individuals, while the retrieval of sensitive data of many pro-Isis preachers appears to be the result of a long and laborious process of intelligence, revealed only a few hours ago.

Also other techniques were used to penetrate the jihadists protections: Social Engineering, faking identities in order to get email addresses and passwords, and even cracking (the unauthorized intrusion) of unprotected home computers belonging to people acting as spokespersons of the cybercaliphate.
(Translation by courtesy of Flavia Marzano)

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