[FSFE] = Finnish activist, Danish hacker share Nordic Free Software Award 2012 =

= Finnish activist, Danish hacker share Nordic Free Software Award 2012

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Finnish Free Software activist Otto Kekäläinen and Danish hacker Ole
Tange are the recipients of the 2012 Nordic Free Software Award. With
the Nordic Free Software award, given out for the 6th time this year,
the Swedish Association for Free Software and Free Culture (FFKP,
Föreningen Fri Kultur och Programvara)[1]honours people and projects
who have made important contributions to software freedom.

1. http://ffkp.se

This year, the awards committee decided to honour two people who have
worked long and hard to promote Free Software in Finland and Denmark.

Otto Kekäläinen is a Free Software campaigner based in Tampere,
Finland. As the coordinator of FSFE’s Finnish country team, he leads the
organisations campaigning and advocacy work in Finland. He is educating
Finland’s public bodies on correct practices in software procurement,
and has spearheaded the Free Software community’s criticism of
Helsinki’s city government for hesitating to adopt Free Software. As the
project lead for the VALO-CD project[2], which publishes a collection of
Free Software for Windows, he has introduced many users of this platform
to programs that they can use, study, share and improve.

2. http://www.valo-cd.net

“Ole is director of IT-Politisk Forening[3], a non-governmental
organisation that has succeeded in bringing Free Software to Denmark’s
public sector in Denmark. A long-time Free Software developer, he is
most recently working on the GNU Parallel project. Ole played an
important role in the fights against software patents, creating campaign
ideas such as the original”Patented Webshop”[4].

3. http://www.itpol.dk
4. http://ole.tange.dk/swpat

“Otto embodies a rare and precious combination of talents: Deep
knowledge of technology, a passion for Free Software, and a knack for
campaigning” says Karsten Gerloff, President of the Free Software
Foundation Europe (FSFE)[5]. “Energetic, patient and extremely
persistent, he is really taking software freedom forward in Finland.” .

5. http://fsfe.org

“Ole’s enthusiasm and commitment has been an inspiration to everyone. We
are proud and eternally gratefulto be able to award him this prestigious
price for advancing Free Software in the Nordic countries,” says Jonas
Öberg, Executive Director of the Swedish Association for Free Software
and Free Culture.

Previous recipients of the award include software patent campaigner Erik
Josefsson (2011), Icelandic software developer Bjarni Runar Einarsson
(2010), Swedish hackers Simon Josefsson and Daniel Stenberg (2009),
Swedish IT strategist Mats Östling (2008) and the SkoleLinux project

== About the Free Software Foundation Europe ==
The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit
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involved in many global activities. Access to software determines
participation in a digital society. To secure equal participation in
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