Networked Politics


1.Intro: Networked Politics in Berlin


i. Principles and Challenges
“Where are we at?” by Ezequiel Adamovsky and Micha Brie review the principles so far. Extending the process.
Appendix: New participants and invitees to contribute their principles and challenges.

ii.Case studies
Summaries of main theses- issues/questions arising from four case studies commissioned after the Barcelona seminar
+ Social movement trade unionism. By Ant Ince.
+ Open software movement. By Stefano Fabri Feminism and political
+ organisation: the experience of the German Greens.
Preliminary notes by Frieder OttoWolf
+ The experience of Internet world governance. By Vittorio Bertola

iii. Dictionary
Intro. The vocabulary of a new politics. By Marco Berlinguer Comment. The politics of dictionaries: who is writing?. By Lawrence Cox .
Example. Global social movement. By Donatella della Porta

3. The four lines of inquiry. New questions for research.

i Ownership and the Commons.
Intro: Joan Subirat.
Papers: “Common Good – the story so far and a map for the future” by Bruno Amoroso and “Free software as a Common” by Arturo di Corinto

ii Labour and the movements.
Intro: Marco Berlinguer
Papers “Class unity and the transformation of labour” by Carlo Formenti, “A New Social Unionism, Internationalism Communication and Culture -in a Nutshell” by Peter Waterman plus appeal from Nairobi WSF.

iii The new web communities and political culture.
Intro: Mayo Fuster
Papers “Reaction to Open Source as a Metaphor for New Institutions” by Felix Stalder and “Ten Theses on Non-Democratic Electronics” by Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter

iv Democracy beyond representation
Intro Hilary Wainwright
Papers “The Cartel Party” by Peter Maier, “Post – democracy” by Carlos Formenti and “Beyond representative democracy: how we can do things differently” by Christopher Spehr.

4. Tuesday a.m brainstorm
Emerging subjects of transformation – their existence, character and conditions of emergence

5. Biographies
Menu of maximum reader

6. Further reading – Mobilising against the G8. Ben Trott

7. Seminar programme

* Bibliographical resources

Bibliographic information
TNI, Transform! Italia, IGOP and Euromovements

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