Resistance Studies

In an attempt to remedy the lack of academic study in the field of resistance to power and its social transformation the School of Global Studies at Göteborg University has launched this Resistance Studies Network.

With the help of networking, collaborative conferences, research and publication projects and thematic educational events, this network hopes to deepen the cooperation between researchers interested in understanding practices of resistance, and its connections to power and social change.

To get an understanding of the state of “resistance studies”, existing research questions, suggested activities and plans in the network as well as suggested relevant literature, see the Resistance Studies Network Missionstatement.

We therefore invite interested researchers to participate in the Research Network on Power, Resistance & Social Change.

The network is open for all interested in a scientific approach to resistance studies. You don’t have to have a job at the university to join. Since the network is not accepting uncritical propaganda of any sort it facilitate all participants interested in a critical and self- reflective discussion and study of all forms of resistance.

We currently have a working group in Gothenburg which meets regularly and a steering group of five people based at School of Global Studies.
An international advisory board is on the way being formed. We are looking for more active participants in the network and hope that new working groups might form in other parts of the world, supporting each other in the research of resistance (activity is already started in the UK and we will see what comes next…).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: resistance @ globalstudies. gu. se (type the address without the spaces that are included here in order to avoid spam).

Stina Hansson, Mathias Klang, Christopher Kullenberg, Mona Lilja & Stellan Vinhagen (the steering group of RSN).

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