Il lavoro al tempo del computer

Il pane, le rose, l’inchiesta. Per uno statuto dei nuovi lavori

Arturo Di Corinto
www.AprileOnLine.Info n.195 del 08/02/2005.

L’avvento del digitale rimescola le carte in tavola del capitalismo. Con il digitale, non cambia solo il modo di informarsi e socializzare ma cambia il modo stesso di produrre e di consumare l’informazione e la socialità. Cambiano i luoghi, gli istituti e le forme del lavoro contemporaneo.
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Open Source Software: Fostering local economies

Arturo Di Corinto

Implementing a Digital Business Ecosystem vs. 0.2

The European economy is slowing. The rise of the euro is taking a toll on exports because the its appreciation has boosted the cost of European products and many Europeans think is better to buy from the dollar area.

In a scenario marked by a modest growth of the global economy (mainly for the higher price of oil) the strengthening of the euro cuts deeply into the competitiveness of European companies. Especially the IT sector is exposed to the risk of new monopolies, consolidation and the ultimate colonization of European IT firms by large enterprises, especially from Usa and Japan.
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SMEs, Business Ecosystems and Open Source Software

Digital Business Ecosystem
Arturo Di Corinto

“Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the European economy. Accounting for 99% of enterprises, Europe’s 19 million SMEs are the main source of new jobs and play a key role in enabling Europe to compete in world markets. Although they tend to get lumped together under the one label, in reality SMEs are highly diverse. Some are dynamic and flexible with an innate ability to innovate and respond to changing conditions. Others are traditional, based on family involvement and embedded in local business environments. Still others are start-ups, fragile organisations striving to exploit niche markets or technologies”.
IST 2003: The Opportunities Ahead

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