3rd COMMUNIA Workshop (Amsterdam, 20-21 ottobre 2008)

il Terzo Workshop organizzato
da COMMUNIA, la rete tematica europea sul pubblico
dominio digitale, si terra’
ad Amsterdam il 20-21 ottobre 2008.
Tema: “Marking the public domain: relinquishment & certification”

Sito: http://communia-project.eu/ws03

Deadline per la registrazione: 1 ottobre 2008.

3rd COMMUNIA Workshop in Amsterdam

3rd COMMUNIA Workshop, Amsterdam 20-21 October 2008 –
The 3rd COMMUNIA Workshop (Marking the public domain: relinquishment &
certification) is planned in Amsterdam for 20-21 October 2008. The
workshop will address the legal, economical and technical issues related
to certifying public domain works and relinquishing intellectual
property rights in Europe. Hereafter you can find the workshop program,
but…please book your hotel as soon as possible!

The COMMUNIA workshop will cover 1.5 days: Monday the 20th of october
and the first half of Tuesday the 21st. Creative Commons Netherlands is
also offering to host a CC-europe meeting in the afternoon of sunday the
19th of october.

The COMMUNIA workshop will consist of 3 parts. A plenary session on
Monday morning, two parallel working groups on monday afternoon and
another plenary session on tuesday morning. We will host a small
reception on the monday evening immediately after the end of the
workshop in the workshop location and we will arrange for a group dinner
after the reception (to be paid for by the participants)

(1) Monday morning session (0945h 1300h):

The public domain, perspectives and tools. This session wil consist of
two keynote speeches by scholars on the public domain, to be followed by
an introduction of two PD tools that are currently developed by Creative

1000-1015: Introduction & welcome
1015-1130: a conversation on the public domain (Bernt Hugenholtz
(IViR Amsterdam) & James Boyle (Center for the Study of the Public
Domain) + discussion
1130-1200: coffee break
1200-1300: legal tools and infrastructure for marking the public domain
(Mike Linksvayer (VP Creative Commons) & Diane Peters General Counsel
Creative Commons)

(2) Monday afternoon paralel sessions 1400h-1730h:

On Monday afternoon there will be two parallel sessions in order to
allow for more in depth discussion of the two main issues adressed by
the workshop: relinquishing authors rights and certifying public domain
works. The sessions are open and we invite suggestions for short
contributions from members of the communia network.

(2.1) relinquishing rights in Europe

this session will examine the possibilities of relinquishing rights in
European jurisdictions. Special attention will be paid on the legal
obstacle (moral rights) and the requirements for legal instruments (such
as CC0) that attempt to allow rights holders to relinquish their rights
in order to contribute to the public domain. The aim is to come up with
an assessment of the feasibility of such instruments and to formulate
requirements for the use of such instruments in European Jurisdictions.

This session will be moderated by Lucie Guibault (IViR) with
contributions from Diane Peters, Mireille van Eechoud and Jennifer
Jenkins (Center for the Study of the Public Domain t.b.c).
contributions by other members of the Communia network are encouraged.
if you want to contribute to the session please send a short abstract to
Lucie Guibault .

(2.2) certifying public domain works

this session will discuss the need for tools that can be used to
determine and certify the public domein status of works that a (believed
to be) in the public domain. Creative Commons and others are currently
developing tools to certify the public domain status of a work or to
determine the status of works with unknown status. This session will
also touch on the role of copyright registries and the business models
based on PD works

This session will be moderated by Paul Keller (Knowledgeland) with
contributions from Mike Linksvayer, Patrick Peiffer (Bibliothèque
nationale de Luxembourg) and Jonathan Gray (Open Knowledge Foundation).
Contributions by other members of the Communia network are encouraged.
If you want to contribute to the session please send a short abstract to
Paul Keller

(3) Tuesday morning session 0930-1100h

The tuesday morning session will focus on presentations of organizations
and projects that have build their business models (or organizatorial
practices) around Public domain material. We will invite representatives
of such organizations to present their work and reflect on the economic
value or the public domain.

We have so far invited speakers (but have not had confirmations yet)
from Google (books), the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Royal Library of
the Netherlands. Presentations from other members of the Communia
network are encouraged. If you want to contribute to the session please
send a short abstract to Paul Keller

1100 – 1130 coffe break

(4) Communia working groups

the last part of the workshop has been reserved for meetings of the
Communia working groups. These meetings will be organized by the working
groups coordinators. Agendas/Topics of these meetings will be announce
individually on the communia mailing list.

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